"I'am so grateful for your help. You have met me wherever I have been in the moment -each time I saw you- and never judged, just allowed me to feel. It is such a gift. It has allowed me to peel back the layers I've accumulated over the years and remember, process & integrate years of experience. "

-Tanya B.

"As a patient of Silvia Vidas, Dr. TCM, she healed my severely painful right knee (I was wearing a large knee brace the pain was so severe). Her Acupuncture/acupressure and harmony holistic method is succinct and powerful. With her wisdom she magically uses her intuitive healing and the process of quantum entanglements and focused on what is unbalanced and balances the injured area. Thank you Silvia for your kind and thoughtful care."

-Sandra H.
"There is a certain energy about you that is very rejuvenating. That first time you did that energy work on me I was blown away. As mentioned to you before, I felt like I'd had a couple glasses of wine - I felt all flushed and 'buzzy' - for lack of a better word- and things just seemed ..... easy, effortless. The afternoon was amazing - things just kind of came together in unusual and rewarding ways. It was bizarre and I'm convinced it had something to do with what you did. The second time you worked on me, my toothache went away - so there you go - you rock! But beyond that, in general, I just find you an absolute pleasure to be around. I felt free to express my thoughts without being judged, I felt excited by our conversations, and I felt very intrigued by the crazy coincidences that always seemed to unfold when I was around you. Lastly, and most importantly, I appreciate your kind, gentle, and honest way Silvia."

-Mela H.

“Dr. Vidas since my treatment I can’t believe how good I feel! I have no brain fog or blurry eyes. I’m feeling energized and happy and even hungry! I just want to say that you have no idea how ‘normal’ I feel compared to the last few years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Jennifer J.

“My first session was amazing, thank you, Silvia! I felt energized and happy! Silvia’s energy is contagious. I felt safe and comfortable in her hands. She has so many talents and tools to offer to help your body, mind and soul! I’ll for sure be back!”

-Sherry E

"Dr. Silvia Vidas has been amazing help with my fitness journey! I have always carried an extra 30 to 40 pounds on my body, and even with diet and exercise I could not get past my weight set-point. Silvia changed all that, after seeing her I have dropped 15 pounds! and counting However, most importantly she has eliminated the emotional reasons on why my body wanted to have that “extra layer of protection."

-Kelly M.

"Silvia is a wonderful TCM. Every time I see her I feel stronger, more centred and always healthier. Within the few months of being a patient of Silvia’s my general health has greatly improved, I am no longer addicted to sugar, and my ability to focus has skyrocketed, and my few weekly headaches have disappeared."

-Lee M.

"Dr. Vidas is a sensitive and caring individual who has had extensive training in a variety of naturopathic and Chinese medicines. I have been seeing Dr.Vidas for a variety of health concerns and know that her work has had a profound impact on my healing. She brings a sense of calm and understanding to each session. Through listening and observation she works together with the patient to determine what course of treatment is required. I am grateful to have discovered Dr. Vidas and will certainly continue to work with her on maintaining optimal health."

-Jean C.

"Silvia treated me when I was in the midst of a very difficult time in my personal life. She treated me with several modalities that she has mastered and facilitated a safe space for me to face the scary aspects of myself that were hindering my healing process. When I saw Silvia, I hadn't eaten in almost a week and was having trouble breathing. I was acute and felt alone. By the end of my session I was feeling loved, balanced and rejunvenated. I felt like I had the strength to endure and thrive. Silvia is a blessing and has amazing knowledge, passion and grace."

-Isa B.

"Silvia has been a life line to me since I met her a couple of years ago. She has an incredible gift of healing and counsel. Her years of experience and training in various modalities means that she can cater a session to your needs and two sessions never have to be the same. She receives where I am in life with compassion and insight and zero judgement. I can not recommend her more highly."

-Emma M.


"I believe that the body-mind has an innate intelligence and as the body-mind starts to relax it remembers that sacred place of wellbeing and healing occurs. My sessions are gentle in nature and presented in a calm and supportive environment. Individuals usually leave a session feeling relaxed & rejuvenated".
- Dr. Silvia Vidas