Celluma® LED Light Therapy for Anti-Aging, Acne & Pain

What is LED light therapy?
Celluma® LED Light Therapy is a revolutionary FDA-cleared treatment to reduce the signs of age, treat acne and ease pain. Based on NASA LED technology, LED phototherapy helps increase collagen and elastin production, destroy acne bacteria, reduce inflammation and speed healing of damaged skin, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles, evening out skin tone and helping heal stubborn acne and rosacea conditions. LED Light Therapy is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, joint and muscle pain or stiffness.

What is Celluma

LED light benefits:
Anti-Aging: Decrease wrinkles, improves the skin’s firmness and youthful appearance
Acne treatment: Reduce acne blemishes and kill acne bacteria, resulting in a clearer, smoother complexion
Pain management: Reduces pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, while increasing blood circulation

How Celluma® LED light therapy works:
Celluma® delivers blue, red and near-infra-red light simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions. Each wavelength is absorbed by different molecules that act a s a signaling mechanism for different cellular processes. For example, some reduce inflammation and some kill bacteria, while others enhance circulation.

Your LED Light Treatment:
The treatment is non-invasive, painless with absolutely no downtime. Individuals can return to their normal activity immediately after the treatment. We recommend scheduling 1-2 sessions per week for 4-6 weeks for therapeutic results. Options include LED therapy on its own or as an add-on to your acupuncture or facial acupuncture session.

LED Light Therapy Rates: 
LED light therapy add-on to your acupuncture treatment: +$15. 
LED light therapy stand-alone treatment: $50. + gst
LED light stand-alone package of 5 treatments: $225. + gst 


What is Low-level-light therapy?
Low-level-light therapy or photobiomodulation is based on Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and is the application of light energy to the body for therapeutic benefits. It promotes a natural photobiochemical reaction similar to the process of plant photosynthesis. The energy delivered by the LEDs has been shown to enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, as well as stimulate the production of collagen — the foundation of healthy, smooth skin. Research has shown that LED light therapy may help smooth skin texture, improve skin firmness and resilience, increase lymphatic system activity, restore skin’s natural cellular activity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and superficial hyperpigmentation. The treatment is for all skin types, and is non-ablative, non-invasive, painless, and requires absolutely no downtime. Patients or clients can return to their normal activity immediately after the treatment.

For what purpose is light therapy used?
Based on extensive research, low-level-light therapy devices have been cleared by the FDA, and shown to manage:

  • Mild to moderate acne vulgaris
  • Superficial, benign vascular and pigment lesions
  • Periorbital wrinkles and rhytides
  • Sub-optimal local blood flow and circulation
  • Minor muscle and joint aches
  • Minor muscle and joint pain
  • Pain and stiffness associated with arthritis
  • Minor arthritis or muscle spasms
  • Minor chronic neck and shoulder pain of a musculoskeletal origin

Are there any harmful side effects to LED Light Therapy?

LED devices are considered extremely low risk when used as intended.

Does LED Light Therapy hurt?
No. Light therapy is non-invasive and is painless when used as intended.

How safe is Light Therapy?
Low-level-light therapy is based on light emitting diode (LED) technology developed for NASA-manned space flight experiments. In comparison to lasers, the patented LED technology generates negligible amounts of heat and is not considered a significant risk device.

Does LED Light Therapy utilize UV light?
No. Celluma utilizes a combination of blue, red, and near-infrared (not visible to the naked eye) light emitting diodes (LEDs) only.

How long does a Celluma® LED Light Therapy session last?
30 minutes

Are there any special preparations required before using Celluma®?

Celluma® should be in close proximity with the skin which should be free of clothing, make-up, or anything else which may deflect the light away from the skin.

Why do I need to remove my make-up?
Many make-up formulas contain minerals that may deflect the light. Clean, freshly washed skin is recommended for best results. You can re-apply make-up following your session.

Are there any contraindications to using Celluma®?
Celluma® should not be used for the following conditions:

  • Do not use if under the age of 12 years old.
  • Do not use if you have epilepsy or have a history of seizures.
  • Do not use if you are taking cortisone injections or any other kind of steroid medication(s).
  • Do not take if you are taking any photosensitive drugs.
  • Do not use over cancer tumor or metastasis.